Welcome to Best Practices in Social Media

As our tagline says, our goal is to teach you how to create social media that doesn’t suck. That’s a big one, and we will work diligently this semester to fulfill that goal. Toward that end, you will need to read social media posts–the good, the bad and the ugly. Find things that work. Tear them apart, so you can find out why it does work. With that in mind, here’s your post for this week, due before midnight on Aug. 25:

  • Go to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Find examples (2), of posts that are great and 2 posts that are horrible.
  • What makes them so good and what makes them so bad?
  • Make sure you read your classmates’ posts and tell us what you think of their examples.

Here’s a link to a blog post about How Not to Suck on Social Media to get you started with ways to improve your posts: http://youngadventuress.com/2014/07/social-media-travel.html




Starting from the beginning again, summer 2015

When you open a social media account, you oftentimes check the box that says you’ve read the terms of service, but you rarely read the terms of service.

Take a look at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Post a link to the terms of service for each site. Were you surprised by what you read? Who holds the copyright to what you publish on each site?