My Brand

These podcast that my friend and I do mean a lot to me. When you listen to them, you can hear the fun we are having but at the same time the seriousness and passion when talking about sports. That’s what I want people to think about me when they take a listen. I want listeners to say “Oh, these guys are fun, cool and you can tell they love sports.”


It’s about the relationship

When Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff wrote Groundswell, one of the things they focused on was relationship building. In the relationship that you want to have with your “customers” or potential “customers,” what are the key components you want them to have? What words should they come away with when they look at your social media?

Using chapter 2 in the book Groundswell, look at each of the categories listed on page 19:blogs, user-generated content and podcasts. Use an example that you have created from each of these categories and explain how it works to give your “customers” the experience you want. This is about brand you, so focus on your content about yourself for this post.

Here’s a view on the home page of my personal website. What am I trying to tell people?

my blog

How to set yourself apart in a world of clones

Chapter 1 in Groundswell and the introductory pages gives some great examples of businesses that set themselves apart, just by being themselves. What a novel idea for branding? One such case, Blendtec, is always a popular case with students, and one of my favorite. I love the Will It Blend videos, which now have a much slicker look. 

This is a great example of how to create and maintain a solid brand. Take a look: