Starting from the beginning again, summer 2015

When you open a social media account, you oftentimes check the box that says you’ve read the terms of service, but you rarely read the terms of service.

Take a look at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Post a link to the terms of service for each site. Were you surprised by what you read? Who holds the copyright to what you publish on each site?


It’s all business on LinkedIn

So, a priest, a rabbi and a monk walk into a barbecue joint in Amarillo….

Not a good start to your LinkedIn post for the day. Why? Because on LinkedIn, it’s all about business. So instead of telling jokes, show people what you can do by setting yourself up as an expert. Link to articles about social media or writing, or video, or photography….whatever you want potential employers to get about you. That’s what you should post about on LinkedIn.

Your challenge for this post–find an excellent article that you can link to and post it here, then post it to your LinkedIn. You’ll be glad you did.