Storytelling and social media

Taking a look at the book Winning the Story Wars and information from Jonah Sachs, the author, gave us an idea of a direction we may want to take for our client, HEB Transit. Find some links that will help all of us understand the concept of storytelling in social media a little better and comment on it.

Here’s the TED Talk from Jonah Sachs for you to re-review:


Live Tweeting: Photos and Videos

Photos and videos make your live tweeting more interesting. Take a look at these links regarding using your phone to take great photos and videos, practice a bit in class, then comment on how you used these links to help you. Link us to some examples you posted online.

Tips from National Geographic:

From photographers:

Video tips:

Best Practices in Live Tweeting

For this week’s post, please give us a link to a site that gives us some tips on how to effectively Live Tweet an event. What are some things you need to do beforehand? What about while you are at the event? What works best–photos or videos?

Live Tweeting no more…

Well maybe no more…I guess it depends on what you plan for your client strategy and implementation and your social media blitz. But you are done with your “official” Live Tweeting for the semester.

So now, provide a few observations you have about your own live-tweeting and the live-tweeting of your classmates. Who was the best Tweeter (other than you)? Why?

What do you wish you would have known before you started this process? What did you learn? What one piece of advice would you give to someone who was assigned to live Tweet and event?

Embed your best Tweet in your response and explain why it is your best.

2013-07-31 08.09.12

Your live-Tweeting is riding off into the sunset….wave bye-bye. (Photo by K. Colley, Islamorada, Florida)

News Engagement Day Feedback

This year’s News Engagement Day fair saw several classes coordinating to help students at Texas Wesleyan get more engaged with the news. What did you do for MCO 3399? Do you think your social media was effective? What did you learn, and how will that impact your projects for the rest of this semester?

Check out this News Engagement Day review of retweets nationally: ct-yn_2usaatask