News Engagement Day Feedback

This year’s News Engagement Day fair saw several classes coordinating to help students at Texas Wesleyan get more engaged with the news. What did you do for MCO 3399? Do you think your social media was effective? What did you learn, and how will that impact your projects for the rest of this semester?

Check out this News Engagement Day review of retweets nationally: ct-yn_2usaatask


Looking for the best in live tweeting

Upcoming is your first assignment in live-Tweeting. In preparation for this assignment, review the different readings below:

What makes for good live Tweeting? Find an example as well and follow that reporter. Put their link here as well.

Social media terms and policies

When you set up an account in social media, you agree to terms and policies of use, but do you ever read them?

Most of us don’t. We just check the box that says we agree, and then go on our merry way, tweeting, liking, and pinning. But just what have you said you’d do or not do? Here are a few links to social media policies that you should review. Remember, you said yes, so if you break the policies, off with your account!


Looking for links to others in your comments.