The blitz is coming

As the semester winds down, you will be called upon to ramp things up in this class with the social media blitz. Your knowledge of social media and your ability to control many types of social media through Hootsuite can help you in the project.

In this project, you will use five different social media channels to promote one event. The deadline for this event has been extended to Dec. 5 to accommodate a few additional events. Join us in class on Nov. 11 as we wrap up the client strategy and talk about how the media blitz will take place.


Are you a beginner? Then reach for the training pants

You may not think of yourself as a beginner on Facebook or Twitter, but using these two social media channels for branding and business can put your right back in training pants. Fortunately for you, and anyone else who is a social media beginner, these training pants can be accessed from anywhere, and changing them isn’t messy. It’s just a click of the mouse and you’re able to move from The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter to The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook.

But wait, there’s more! These basic training tools only give you part of the story. You can find more at various locations online. So what’s your favorite training webinar, slideshow, post, etc. that taught you something you didn’t know about Facebook or Twitter?

Sharpen up your fingers, it’s live tweeting time!

I'll be looking over your virtual shoulder through the hashtag #TxWes3399

I’ll be looking over your virtual shoulder through the hashtag #TxWes3399

Okay class. Tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 4, you will do your first exercise in live tweeting. You will live tweet the class. How fun is that?

Use the hashtag #txwes3399 at the end of each tweet before posting. You can use your laptop, one of the computers in the lab, your phone or any tablet. It’s up to you. Remember, if you want to use something other than a computer, you will need to have Twitter as an app for ease of use.

So ready, set, go! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got!