Live Tweeting: Photos and Videos

Photos and videos make your live tweeting more interesting. Take a look at these links regarding using your phone to take great photos and videos, practice a bit in class, then comment on how you used these links to help you. Link us to some examples you posted online.

Tips from National Geographic:

From photographers:

Video tips:


6 thoughts on “Live Tweeting: Photos and Videos

  1. Live tweeting, is simple because you don’t have to do use a professional camera to take pictures with, or take the time to set up a tripod and take a video. You can have your phone with you to take videos. Each generation of iPhones have improvised cameras. We can all agree that the iPhone has the best mobile video quality. It is simple and easy to do. It is also applicable with Twitter and open the app and take videos and pictures from the app. You can also use a mini tripod with your cellphone which I did not know about. Play it safe and just take pictures without scrolling. Scrolling in ruins the image and quality and the image will not look you. Instead of zooming in on your iPhone, it is better to get as close as possible to the object of interest.

  2. Our cell phones are a simple way to tweet out pictures and videos during live tweeting, and keeping your audience up to dat with whats happening during the event. a couple tips for live tweeting that we were able to use during class were taking pictures at different angles. taking pictures at different angles allowed the audience to get a different perspective on the thing your photographing. another this is to take videos horizontally so you can capture as much of the event as possible! also important things to keep in mind is to make sure you have good lighting, and don’t do pinch zoom just walk closer to the object your trying to video or photograph.

  3. Using your phone is a great way to record someone or something on the go, especially when live-tweeting an event. when taking pictures its best to switch up the angles of the pictures you take and not always have the camera at eye level, and when recording. It shows unique perspectives and can interest more people if it looks different.

  4. Using your phone is a great way to easily record or take photos of a subject, especially for social media. It’s great to switch up angles of your photos and videos. When it comes to zooming, you need to move forward/back not using the zoom capability on your phone.

    Below I linked a couple of tips that I looked up:

  5. It was a great experience to be able to take pictures and make a short video. Por the short video, I edited the video on iMovie. I used some of the advice from the blogs you posted like, make sure I took pictures and filmed videos horizontally. It was cloudy so I made sure I added some lighting when taking the pictures. I also learned that you can make things happen if you get creative and go for it.

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