Live Tweeting no more…

Well maybe no more…I guess it depends on what you plan for your client strategy and implementation and your social media blitz. But you are done with your “official” Live Tweeting for the semester.

So now, provide a few observations you have about your own live-tweeting and the live-tweeting of your classmates. Who was the best Tweeter (other than you)? Why?

What do you wish you would have known before you started this process? What did you learn? What one piece of advice would you give to someone who was assigned to live Tweet and event?

Embed your best Tweet in your response and explain why it is your best.

2013-07-31 08.09.12

Your live-Tweeting is riding off into the sunset….wave bye-bye. (Photo by K. Colley, Islamorada, Florida)


9 thoughts on “Live Tweeting no more…

  1. I love live tweeting. I learned something new everytime I covered an event. What I saw from others that I wish I did myself was give an overview of the event before it starts. I also wish I did more of a conclusion but to my defense the midnight madness event just ended randomly. I enjoyed Gracie’s coverage it was organized and quick. I learned so much and continue to learn everytime I cover an event. I learned what kind of post got people’s attention and what turned them away. I learned many tricks with Twitter and how you’re able to use the site to do so much more. I learned how to make a poll very quickly and was able to share that with a classmate. I also learned and was introduced to periscope which is my new fav. And I have not stopped raving about it. My advice to someone who is live tweeting would be to get there early, use hashtags, and let your personality show through your tweets. This won’t be the last time I cover an event. I LOVE LIVE TWEETING! Ps. If you are using your phone to tweet etc. MAKE SURE IT IS CHARGED!!!

  2. I believe Oni was the best live tweeter in the class. It might be due to the fact that she a uses twitter outside of class as well, but almost all her live tweets have a photo or videos attached to them. There’s always a visual and text, so if someone is like reading or like visuals better there are both.

    I wish I had more followers on twitter just for the class. That would have made the polls I posted get more votes possibly. I did learn how twitter works though. I never used it, so I got to interact with it. I probably still won’t be using it often, but new knowledge is better than no knowledge.

    If I had to give any advice, I would probably suggest live tweeting like you would want to see it. So if you was a viewer, what would you want to see without the whole story being revealed? That way you connect with people that are like you at least.

    The dogs commercial is the most popular commercial we have! Rams Up!!!— Akeel Johnson (@akeel_johnson) October 18, 2016


    This is my best tweet because it contains a link which gives them access to Texas Wesleyan’s Youtube if they are interested. It’s a funny video so it grabs attention. The text also draws them in because people like to know the best things and the commercial is Wesleyan’s most popular.

  3. Well I have not completed the 2nd live tweeting but will be done today. To me Oni had the best live tweets. The work she did for News Engagement Day was great. One thing I wish I would’ve known before starting this process was to tweet that you were going to be live tweeting 30 minutes before you actually start live tweeting. I learned to always use hash tags and tag people that you are talking about so that you are able to start a conversation. One piece of advice I would give someone who is assigned to live tweet is to give a variety of tweets. Have pictures, quotes, videos and even live video. Be creative.


    My best live tweet was on News Engagement Day. To me, it is my best because I used hash tags, put a picture that shows us having a good time.

  4. From what I could see, I think we all had some great posts, and some that could use some improvements. I like Oni’s use of Periscope and videos to get the vibe of Midnight Madness. Akeel did great by implementing a survey into his coverage of the Wesleyan commercials. I think by double checking before we post and making sure the grammar and spelling is correct, that would improve our posts. I also think that tweeting about the event coming up in a day or two could increase followers and make the tweeting more successful.

  5. I believe that Oni was the best live tweeter. She tweeted a lot of videos as well as pictures. One thing that I absolutely loved about her tweeting that was different than the rest of ours is that she used Periscope, and I think that this made her live tweeting stronger than the rest of ours was.
    I live tweeted a game both times and so I wish that I had known about “@ramsports” so that I would have tagged them in both of my introductory tweets. One thing I learned (from my first live tweeting experience) is that if I don’t have all of the information that I need (such as a roster) I can find someone who has it. One piece of advice that I would give to someone who is going to live tweet would be, make sure to take advantage of hashtags as well as “@”ing people.

    This was my best tweet because I used live footage of the game winning goal.

  6. I think this was my best tweet because everyone is always interested in actually learning how to do the things that the workshop you are attending for offers. Another reason of why it was the best tweet is that since the focus was on the action of them using the cameras and not the people I really didn’t required to say who was in the picture. It was best to not show faces since I had the authorization to piblish only photos of the person hosting the event.

    I was expecting the dynamic of the training a little different, the handout was very helpful to give more accurate information, besides the one I had researched.

    I wish I had talked previously with the presenter of the training, another thing is that I was kind of pressured to post fast that I missed information on some tweets, or I would had preffered different wording.

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