News Engagement Day Feedback

This year’s News Engagement Day fair saw several classes coordinating to help students at Texas Wesleyan get more engaged with the news. What did you do for MCO 3399? Do you think your social media was effective? What did you learn, and how will that impact your projects for the rest of this semester?

Check out this News Engagement Day review of retweets nationally: ct-yn_2usaatask


7 thoughts on “News Engagement Day Feedback

  1. What I did was post to twitter and snapchatted the event. I feel like the promotion for the event could have been better going into more detail. I learned that live video is a good way to get people to come to the event. For future events, that will be something I will consider doing.

  2. For NED I sent out some tweets and helped make a commercial that was posted on Facebook. I don’t think that my tweets were as effective as the commercial was. This is because, my tweets didn’t reach as many people as the Facebook video did. The main thing that I learned was that promoting needs to start as soon as possible. We were kind of late in posting our commercial. It was a funny commercial and I know that it would have gotten a lot more views had it been posted a few more days in advance. However, this was a good learning experience. I now know that due dates for posts will be helpful; Hootsuite will help with this.

  3. I did the live tweeting for The Rambler and for class. I learned how to hone in some skills to make posts more effective for the future and be careful of posting mistakes. I also learned that we should have promoted in advance for the event to be more successful. Next time I should link my periscope to my Twitter to be able to incorporate live videos to my Twitter.

  4. I had a blast covering the Texas Wesleyans News engagement day event. I used mainly Twitter to cover the event and also tried something new,which I loved, Periscope. I believed it was successful on my end. I had people from different parts of the US asking what news engagement day was. I did learn from this event about different ways I could have had more people engaged and will use that in the future. Biggest thing I took away was that it’s important to get specific details out about the event before hand.

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