Managing your community and your content

Online social media software programs such as Hootsuite and Spredfast that allow you to manage multiple social media accounts through content creation and monitoring can be helpful. How so, and what did you learn from getting Hootsuite certified?

Remember, your certification is due before midnight on Sept. 23.



3 thoughts on “Managing your community and your content

  1. Online social media software programs such as Hootsuite can be very helpful if you have a lot of followers. Having a lot of followers usually means that you will also have a lot of traffic. Programs such as Hootsuite allow you to watch all of your incoming traffic at once rather than having to check your “notifications” tab every other second. These types of online programs also allow you to categorize (in different columns) the notifications that you receive. For example, you will be able to monitor your incoming “likes”, “comments”, and “follow requests” under different columns. Altogether, these online programs are a more efficient way of tracking your social media traffic.

  2. Both Spredfast and Hootsuite are a part of “The Forrester Wave” of social relationship platforms. These social media platforms help businesses to connect customers, or potential customers, with the products of the business. By getting certified, I realize that these platforms are in place to make life easier with social media by strategically organizing information and allowing users to connect and stay connected with busy lives. These platforms help to give companies feedback on where they may need to concentrate, work on, or change.

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