It’s about the relationship

When Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff wrote Groundswell, one of the things they focused on was relationship building. In the relationship that you want to have with your “customers” or potential “customers,” what are the key components you want them to have? What words should they come away with when they look at your social media?

Using chapter 2 in the book Groundswell, look at each of the categories listed on page 19:blogs, user-generated content and podcasts. Use an example that you have created from each of these categories and explain how it works to give your “customers” the experience you want. This is about brand you, so focus on your content about yourself for this post.

Here’s a view on the home page of my personal website. What am I trying to tell people?

my blog


7 thoughts on “It’s about the relationship

  1. The two words that I want to come to mind when my “customers” visit my social media profiles are, “professional” and “relatable”.
    The link above will take you to a picture that I posted on my Instagram that shows that I am both professional and relatable. In the bigger picture shown I look more serious because I am in the middle of an interview. However, in the picture to the bottom right corner I am giving the student that was interviewed a high-five. This picture shows that, along with being professional, I can still be relaxed and easy to approach.

  2. Blog: my wordpress can be used as a blog as well. Thats why it gives insight on who I am and what I’m into. I could also make a separate one so my current one is for business.

    User generated content: I feel like this can pretain to videos and music. Soundcloud is a way people share music they make. YouTube is the broadcasting station for anyone into videos. This gives people a visual. A name to face so they know who you are physically.

    Podcasts: podcasts are like radio stations without music. It’s discussion or expression of one or more peoples opinions. This allows the listener to dive into your thoughts on issues and see if they relate.

  3. This is just a picture of one of my kids. The relationship to my audience is speaking to other moms and how we feel about our children. Some words I would want to be associated with this post might be compassionate and loving. Overall, for my social media, I want to come across to people as a woman of integrity that isn’t afraid to challenge herself and grab goals while having fun with life and kids. That pretty much sums it up.

    For your post, I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to tell people with your feet. Maybe that they’re different, unique, and you love the beach.

  4. In this post I want to show my audience that i’m hard working and fun. For my social media particularly my Facebook my followers are people that I know. Most of the things i post on facebook are to keep my family that are mainly on the east coast updated with what im up to. I show many pictures of different jobs ive done but also having fun and events i’ve been to.
    In your post I believe your are trying to tell people that you are free spirited, comfortable in your skin, free.

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