I’m so glad we had this time together

Just to share a laugh or sing a song….

All Carol Burnett aside, it was good having a semester to focus on social media.

What one thing will you take from this class that you didn’t know before the semester began? Who was your favorite presenter this semester? (Take the poll)

What one thing would you recommend as a keeper for this class in the future?

What one thing would you recommend as a ditch it?


12 thoughts on “I’m so glad we had this time together

  1. I feel like I learned a lot in this class. Even the things I already knew, I feel like the practice was very helpful. I think the favorite thing that I learned was about the POST. I wasn’t aware of this term before, and now I think of it all the time. This class has been very helpful, and as I have been job searching, I have realized how much social media is used in the public relations world today.

  2. I will take away from the class that I didn’t know before was in Mass Communication there are numerous jobs that are available, the sky is the limit. With the speakers that we had in class, this helped make that a reality.

    I loved all the “live tweeting” events that we had. Reading the classes tweets and their view of the speakers and events that the class attended.

    I would not recommend ditching anything in the class, because all learning is beneficial learning.

    Loved the class!!!

  3. I wouldn’t’ recommend ditching anything because I learned so much.
    I will be taking away so much knowledge about social media.
    This class opened my eye to show me that I can do anything with my degree but I need to learn social media no matter what.
    I think that this class should be taken by all mass communications students whether they need the class or not.

  4. I really enjoyed this class and how it related to real world situations. Not all social media is right for everyone, this is something I will take away from this class.
    The speakers were great, but if I had to change one thing it would be that they focus less on their resume and more on how they use social media and why they use it in that way.

  5. I absolutely loved the class because it made me realize the importance of social media in the workplace. I also loved all the speakers we had because it showed me what all you can do with mass communication degree and the importance of networking. I also loved live tweeting and making the client strategy because it showed me how to do it and the importance of it.

  6. I really enjoyed this class I wouldn’t ditch this experience for nothing because I learn a lot in this class and it was also fun as well through the process of learning about social media. I feel this class should still be teached here rather than not have it no more. As far as the best speaker that came to speak with us I feel it was Catherine cuellar I really listened to her and was interested in what she had to say through out the whole time she was talking. I feel all mass communication student should take this class… Great class to me!!

  7. I am so glad that I was able to take this class this semester because it has helped streamline my photography business in so many ways. Because Addy Meira came in and talked to us about wordpress and the importance of obtaining your own domain name, I was able to create my own professional website with my own domain name! Previously, I had been using wix.com which I now know users who have Apple phones cannot see the content. I also never had a LinkedIn account and because of this class I have a nicely created profile and I have made two important connections– one that has hired me to take photos at Texas Health Hugely Hospital and the other who works for the Burleson Now magazine who is passing my info along (Burleson Now magazine is where I desire to work when I graduate). And, because of this class I am Hootsuite certified which has helped me organize and keep track of all of my social media platforms. I also learned about different helpful websites like storify.com and ifttt.com which has made my life so much easier! If they offered this class again and you could retake it for the credit, I would definitely do it.

  8. I’ve never been a fan of Social Media, I’m what many call a lurker. After taking this course, not only did I learn the correct term for someone who refuses to post but must observe what others are doing, but I learned without social media the world may be quite different. I state that because, social media is how we communicate with one another, its how information is spread. So I would definitely recommend this course.

    All of the speakers were a great addition to the class because we had the opportunity to engage in conversations with professionals in our field. To some the speakers have become mentors, all because of the opportunity the professor provided.

    Thanks again, I loved this class!

  9. I enjoyed this class a lot it helped me learn a lot about social media. I didn’t know anything about LinkedIn or Hootsuite and now i can actually say i have my own certification and i use them both. This is a great class because when you get out in the real world you will need to know how to use social media in the workplace. I think all the students should be able to have this class. I also had a great time meeting all the speakers and learning so much from them and their experience in their work place. They thought me so much and were all so nice.

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