What did you learn?

When Richie Escovedo visited with our class on Wednesday, you were supposed to live tweet his visit. Those of you who were there, did just that. But what did you learn from Richie? And what did you learn from the live tweets from your classmates.

Pull from other people’s tweets, insert them in this post and tell us what you learned about social media and how that might help you in the future.

Big thanks to you Richie for visiting our class!

Richie Escovedo, from Mansfield ISD, discusses how social media has been implemented in the school district.

Richie Escovedo, from Mansfield ISD, discusses how social media has been implemented in the school district.


13 thoughts on “What did you learn?

  1. I did not make it to class, but while i went through my classmates tweets i realized that Richie’s focus is the school district blog. He basically talked about social media and the importance of it. He also advised us that we should never stop learning about social media because it is a great development tool for professionals.

  2. When Richie Escovedo came to our social media class I learned that you can use media to your advantage and how you can get your message across. Escovedo taught us basically how you can use Twitter or Facebook in order to get the right message out. When a teacher started a ruckus because he was going to be moved schools Escovedo took action. When the news caught on about a riot they went straight to Escovedo where he told the news where the riot was going to be and that he would give them an interview. He used social media to the districts advantage.

  3. I learned that even Independent school district can use social media to benefit the community. Also I learned that if a social media not working, then get rid of it, as Richie Escovedo did with the MISD Facebook page.

  4. Richie was a great addition to our class, a real life PR position. Richie provided to great examples working for Mansfield ISD. Turning real life situations into reality for us. The two scenarios were negative to the school district, but he turned them into positives, using social media and the media to the school districts advantage. Great job Richie!!

    Martika Cook @MartikaCook
    Advice: “Never Stop learning, stay sharp, continue to learn. “-Richie Escovedo #txwes3399 @MarriedToTexas @vedo

    1:12 PM – 20 Nov 2013
    Courtney Briley ‏@COURTNEYBRILEY 20 Nov
    They were able to explain the situation to the protesters, and they stopped protesting. #txwes3399

    Martika Cook ‏@MartikaCook 20 Nov
    Shutting down the Facebook page gave the district the opportunity to promote other social medias. #txwes3399

  5. When Richie came to our class, I feel like I learned a lot about a different aspect of public relations. He told us all about how he uses social media for Mansfield ISD. It was really interesting because I have never heard about education communications before, and I feel like it may be something that I am interested in. He talked about some of the big issues that happened while he was working at Mansfield ISD. One of the things that happened was that he shut down their facebook page, due to many negative, unproductive post. Tommy Chapman tweeted, ” taking Facebook down, used PR skills to promote other social media platforms,” about the facebook situation.

  6. I learned that photos do not always tell the whole story. During this live tweeting event a photo of me was taken and then tweeted with the words “Nap Time” attached. At first glance it looks as though I am sleeping with my eyes closed, but upon further inspection you will notice I am actually looking down and what you can not see is the my phone is below the table and that is where my eyes are directed. So “BAM” how’s that for public relations?

  7. For this event I used Tweetdeck to compile all of the tweets that were sent from each class member as they were live tweeting. I really enjoyed doing this because it has helped me learn how to stay organized if I were to be keeping track of social media during a big event. One thing I realized is that you cannot retweet everything! While I do so for the sake of this class, some tweets were kind of rude and I would not want to retweet something that would make my company look bad.

  8. “Never Stop learning, stay sharp, continue to learn. “
    -Richie Escovedo
    Richie advised the class to never stop learning about anything. He encouraged the class to continue to investigate, to continue to feed ourselves knowledge. That quote did not only stay in the classroom, I took it with me. I agree with Richie, you can never learn too much, there is no such thing. Educating yourself will only better yourself!

    Martika Cook @MartikaCook
    Advice: “Never Stop learning, stay sharp, continue to learn. “-Richie Escovedo #txwes3399 @MarriedToTexas @vedo

    Chelsea Morgan Tharp ‏@ChelseaPRgrad 20 Nov
    @vedo Social media great for two way communication. #txwes3399. Blogging is used for more informal reach out for feedback.

  9. I was not in class during the presentation of Richie but looking through all my classmates tweets i seen that Richie talked about social media and how important it is in our everyday lives. They mentioned how he uses social media in Mansfield school district.

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