The blitz is coming

As the semester winds down, you will be called upon to ramp things up in this class with the social media blitz. Your knowledge of social media and your ability to control many types of social media through Hootsuite can help you in the project.

In this project, you will use five different social media channels to promote one event. The deadline for this event has been extended to Dec. 5 to accommodate a few additional events. Join us in class on Nov. 11 as we wrap up the client strategy and talk about how the media blitz will take place.


9 thoughts on “The blitz is coming

  1. I choose to do my blitz project on the Rosedale renaissance on November 15, 2013. The five social media outlets that I used were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. I ended up having a couple of issues with Twitter due to the connection at school; regardless it was a fun experience. I learned how to upload videos onto YouTube instantly and when posting media online anyone in the world can see it so that is pretty awesome.

  2. I did the blitz project over the Rosedale Renaissance groundbreaking. My five social media outlets were Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram. I had such a GREAT time doing this project – not even kidding. I loved the way it felt to be “behind the scenes” at an actual event. It was a great environment being able to stand with other classmates and individuals from outside media sources. I had no trouble with any of my outlets and would love to do something like this again.

  3. Like Paige, I also chose to do my blitz over the Rosedale Renaissance groundbreaking ceremony. I used Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Flickr. It was really interesting, because I had never done anything like this before. The time went by really quickly because I was so busy keeping track of what was going on via social media. At one point, twitter and Instagram stopped letting me post things, and that was terrifying for a couple moments. I had to restart my phone, and let it cool down a minute before I posted anymore. I feel like this blitzing experience will help me in the future.

  4. I am going to cover the Christmas Tree Decorating Contest announcement. I love Christmas and the suspense is just killing me. Who it will be, Department of Education, Psychology, Arts and Letters? With such stiff competition I wouldn’t place my bet on anyone. As long as everyone keeps it clean, I think it will be a fair fight.

  5. I did my social media blitz on the veteran’s day celebration Texas Wesleyan hosted on Nov. 11. I used Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Google+ to post the photos, videos and content I gathered from the event.

  6. I did my social media blitz on the Rosedale Renaissance groundbreaking ceremony that took place November, 15th. The five medias used were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and WordPress. In the beginning it became difficult to juggle all activities at once, such as recording the ceremony, taking photos and posting on all of the networks previously listed. Overall, it was a fun exciting ceremony I had the opportunity to experience with not only my classmates but with the community,

  7. I used Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for my social media blitz. My blitz was on the winners of the Christmas Tree Decorating winners in the school library.

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