We don’t need no certification! Oh yes you do

As part of your coursework, you have had to become Hootsuite certified. Now that you are certified in Hootsuite, take a look at Spredfast and Tweetdeck. In this post, take at least one of the other community management tools for social media and compare to Hootsuite.


13 thoughts on “We don’t need no certification! Oh yes you do

  1. I looked at Tweetdeck and it is a place where you can monitor Twitter accounts. The thing about Hootsuite is the fact that you can manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn all at the same time. Tweetdeck is only focused on Twitter.

  2. When comparing Tweetdeck and Hootsuite you see that Tweetdeck just monitors things related to Tweetdeck. Hootsuite monitores multiple social networking sites. When you compare them one vs. multiple you are going to want to monitor multiple sites to get your message out faster.

  3. It really just depends on what you or your company needs. If you are only interested in scheduling tweets and Facebook updates, then Tweetdeck may be a great choice for you. However, if you need to include some other social networks, you may have to shell out a little each month for Hootsuite Pro.

  4. I looked at both Tweetdeck and Spredfast. Tweetdeck doesn’t seem like it would give you the most opportunities (when compared to Hootsuite) to utilize all channels of social media that are available. It really is limited to what you can do. Spredfast seems like it is very simple but geared more toward businesses. Hootsuite does that, too… but in a more socially way. It just seems friendlier then Spredfast.

  5. Hootsuite and Spredfast seem very similar. I like Hootsuite because that is what I am familiar with, but I am sure like everything else, if I learned to use Spredfast I would probably like it just as much.

  6. I looked back at tweetdeck and then i see how hoot suite is and I say they are very similar to each other. I’m not too familiar with both but I would be more better off using and dealing with tweetdeck, seem a little more simple to me for some reason.

  7. Personally, I am a fan of Spredfast. I was certified in Spredfast over a year ago and am just overall more familiar with it. I enjoyed learning about hootsuite and getting my official certification, but for some reason Spredfast seemed easier to learn and use.

  8. Hootesuite and tweetdeck are very different. I feel like it was much easier to get started on Tweetdeck, but it didn’t offer as many options and functions as Hootesuite. There are pro’s and con’s to both services.

  9. Hootesuite and Tweetdeck are similar, both management tools provide members with the opportunity to view multiple sites at once. The only difference is that Hootesuite monitors multiple social network sites such as, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc.

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