P-O-S-T: Find out what it means to the Groundswell

So beginning in chapter 4 of Groundswell, we learn about the acronym POST. Tell me what it stands for and what you think about using this acronym to help design social media strategy.


15 thoughts on “P-O-S-T: Find out what it means to the Groundswell

  1. POST is knowing the people that follow or can benefit from your product or service or outreach. Having the objectives that are relevant to them and you, having a strategy to reach those people effectively, and utilizing the right technology where your people are.

  2. Using POST will help make sure that your objectives are met. First, People, are your core, so you will need to go where your people are. Second, Objectives, you will need and have to listen to what people have to say – very important. Third, Strategy, you will answer questions about your “people”, and how those questions change with your people. Finally, once you have all the above answered, then you can use technology to your advantage.

  3. POST- people, objectives, strategy, technology. Using POST helps to be sure that I am doing my job to the best of my ability. It keeps me on track- I think of the people I’m trying to reach, my complete objective, the strategy I am using or want to use, and the technology I can use to reach those people.

  4. POST stands for people, objective, strategy, and technology. By using this idea it is a lot easier to know how you are doing on social network. It is set up to help you reach people, have an objective and a strategy on how you will do it. This is a way to build your brand in a positive way as well as having a positive image on a social network.

  5. In chapter 4 it talks about P-O-S-T which means people, objective, strategy, and technology. this helps out so much to reach out to people and good strategy on how to use social network, very good method.

  6. Using POST will be very beneficial to us when using social media. We need to know our people, objectives, strategy and technology before we even create social media pages. Just because everyone had a Facebook page doesn’t mean we have to get it to. We need to know our demographics so we can cater to the needs of our customers.

  7. In chapter 4, the acronym POST stands for people, objective, strategy and technology. First, people which is making sure you are going where others are. Second is objective, which is listening, talking, energizing, supporting and embracing. Third is strategy, answering questions and how it may affect change. Lastly, technology which is deciding what kind of technology you want to use. This acronym is a great way to create a brand for yourself.

  8. POST- people, objectives, strategy, technology. The best way I can describe this in my own words is the ability to develop and maintain your analytical data. This helps you understand who is interacting with you/what they are looking at/where they are from/when they look at things. By knowing these types of things you will be able to utilize your posts more efficiently to generate more user interactions.

  9. The four step planning process, POST, is a systematic framework for assembling a social media plan. The first step – people – focuses on who your audience is and what they are looking for. Objectives helps you define goals. Every good social media strategy has main goals in mind. Strategy is the step that helps you reach your set goals. It also helps make sure you build the most effective relationship with your audience. Technology focuses on how you are going to reach your audience – twitter, Facebook, blog. All four of these steps are necessary to begin building an effective media plan.

  10. POST stands for People, Objectives, Strategy and Technology. It helps you interact in Social Media which is a good thing to help you build your brand in a positive way.

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