Are you a beginner? Then reach for the training pants

You may not think of yourself as a beginner on Facebook or Twitter, but using these two social media channels for branding and business can put your right back in training pants. Fortunately for you, and anyone else who is a social media beginner, these training pants can be accessed from anywhere, and changing them isn’t messy. It’s just a click of the mouse and you’re able to move from The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter to The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook.

But wait, there’s more! These basic training tools only give you part of the story. You can find more at various locations online. So what’s your favorite training webinar, slideshow, post, etc. that taught you something you didn’t know about Facebook or Twitter?


15 thoughts on “Are you a beginner? Then reach for the training pants

  1. When I made my first Twitter account almost a year ago I didn’t have a clue on what to do. It seemed so confusing and i just couldn’t get a hang of it. At the same time i signed up for Storify as well and it seemed so much easier to get things done on there. So, I used Storify to get a little more familiar with Twitter and learn basics to get around and eventually I got it down.

    • My favorite training tool was the Hootsuite certification. This tool allows you to effectively save time when it comes to posting on different social media platforms. Hootsuite also allows you to view analytics that can help with future posting and monitor peak traffic.

  2. My friends and family can definitely agree when I say I am not BIG on social networks. In order for me to keep my pages updated has to be for an assignment or because I have nothing better to do, honestly. I would say Youtube is my new found friend. Youtube is great for learning and teaching others, it’s a source that I find liable.

    • To add:
      I rely on youtube to teach me how to use a particular software. For example, last year was the first time I had ever heard of Final Cut, so I searched a tutorial and Youtube had one, which was perfect! The tutorial was extremely helpful, now I depend on Youtube for almost everything.

  3. I have never really been into social media but know that I was required to make one I see why some people use it. It is a great place to network. I like Twitter more than Facebook because I love CNN. So I follow CNN to keep up to date with what’s going on. I think all the new social media, wikis and storify will help me further myself in life.

  4. I like social media to a certain extent. I have almost every social media there is to have just to keep up with the social media world and also so that my friends and family can see whats going on i guess in my weekly routine. So i would not call myself a beginner.

  5. I would not say that I am a pro at Facebook or Twitter, but would like to become an expert on utilizing these great social media sites. And for the most part they are free to us, especially if your a non-profit group trying to have your message heard by hundres if not thousands.

    I found this great slideshare how to maximize your message for a non-profit group.

    I found this great slideshare how to maximize your message for a non-profit group.

  6. I had all the social media accounts a few months ago it was so interesting to me. I liked learning how to use all of them and i would be on my accounts for hours and hours. I decided to delete a few of my social sites for personal reasons but now that i am in your class i opened facebook and twitter again. I would not call myself a beginner since i get the hang of the social media very quickly.

  7. Now that I am on Twitter, not only do I find myself shying away from it, but I actually don’t like using it. I understand that it is an important tool these days, but these are my current feelings. Lets see how I feel by the end of the semester.

  8. Since I have my own photography business I use Facebook “pages” to run my business FB page. It is really cool because they generate insights (who your audience is) based on many different things. Facebook has a tutorial that teaches you how to use the insights. This was so helpful because now I know who my audience is, how they engage in the content I post, how I reach them best and how I can reach more people.

  9. I know I am a social media beginner. I may have been on Facebook for years, but I still don’t post often or respond to anyone’s post that often. Twitter, I have only started in the last year or so, and I am so behind on the trends and how to really interact with people. The guides that are provided in the post are really going to help me!

  10. when I first got facebook I caught on to the basics very quick. when I made me a twitter account the first day I didn’t know what I was doing at all and I left it alone for about a week. then I saw how one of my friends used twitter and caught on with no problems. Then started to read more on how to use my twitter account. so I can say my training on how to use my twitter account was watching my friend use it everyday to I caught on.

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