How to set yourself apart in a world of clones

Chapter 1 in Groundswell and the introductory pages gives some great examples of businesses that set themselves apart, just by being themselves. What a novel idea for branding? One such case, Blendtec, is always a popular case with students, and one of my favorite. I love the Will It Blend videos, which now have a much slicker look. 

This is a great example of how to create and maintain a solid brand. Take a look:




11 thoughts on “How to set yourself apart in a world of clones

  1. Live tweeting was very interesting today and everyone in class were very in tune. I don’t think that anyone was really paying attention to the teachers topic which we were suppose to be live tweeting about and just having a good old time using the social network during class.

  2. Haha. This video is silly. Effective though, creative and unique. I only watched the Nike video, but I like how Nike saw a marketing opportunity with this YouTube phenomenon and used it to their advantage. Piggybacking on something that is relative in pop culture is a good tool for reaching today’s young demographics.

  3. Today in class I had the opportunity to live tweet, which is something I subconsciously do regularly, so I had a blast. The assignment was to multitask by live tweeting and paying attention to the lecture. Many failed, but some did succeed. I look forward to furthering my knowledge in other social medias while using the same methods

  4. I loved this video. It shows how he can market himself with a simple YouTube video. I think Nike could benefit from this because if you were to put like an Olympian from the past and a current Olympian compare it and show how basically you can blend things together it will be amazing. I can just imagine it because Nikes’s commercials are good and I really like their t-shirts. Who knows maybe this guy will create their videos and give them ideas. He was very energetic and I loved that.

  5. The creator of Twitter has said the idea for Tweeting came to him as he listened to a police scanner as a child. All of the communication on the scanner was in short burst and was limited to what, where, how and when. As a communication tool we have now expanded Twitter to include how we are feeling. Whether the introduction of instantaneous thoughts and feelings are a good thing or not, I’m not sure. I think we will have to wait and see how history judges this.

  6. This ‘will it blend’ channel is a great example of branding. He has branded himself and his service (entertaining via YouTube) in a very unique way. He is very consistent with his ideals and values, and the overall video qualities. The video is very recognizable, and people would be able to say, “hey, have you seen that guy on Youtube who puts things in a blender and they come out as other things?” and people who had seen the video would immediately know what was being discussed.

  7. The concept of the video was good because it does 2 types of promotion. It shows that Nike shoes will take a while to get worn out. Also that the blender is sturdy and that it will blend anything.

  8. This guy has the right idea. He chose to do something crazy that sets him apart from everyone else. Unfortunately, I have to relate this to Miley Cyrus. She is another great example of getting attention. Although her actions are outlandish, her sales and popularity have gone through the roof. She obviously had a goal and is doing whatever it takes to get there. This is a perfect example of branding. Agree or disagree with what shes doing, its working.

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