What is your brand proposition? The Duke and I want to know

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As you begin setting up and using your social media accounts to create you.com, you need to think about and develop a brand proposition.

In doing this, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are your skills?
  • What do you value?
  • What do others value about you?
  • What would you like others to value about you?
  • How can you succinctly state this to position yourself as unique?

Remember that you are a brand. What you say, what you do, what you Tweet, what you pin, whatever you do and don’t do reflects on your brand. Work really hard to make your actions, skills and digital presence reflect the brand position that you want


11 thoughts on “What is your brand proposition? The Duke and I want to know

  1. Branding is extremely important. It is a way for other people to get to know you on a professional level. Having a good image at a workplace is a must. You must stand for something and it better be something good. That is why it is so important to watch what you say on social networks. What you post on there can either benefit or hurt you. That is just one example of what you should think about when you are forming your own brand. Also it is very important to be different and unique. Your brand needs to be different than any other person so you can stand out in a positive way and get ahead in the workplace.

  2. Personal branding is one of the most difficult tasks to complete. You will need to figure who you are, who you want to serve, and what makes you unique.

    Once you have this reached then you want to communicate this online. This is a thought out process with lots of proof reading because this is what the world will see. You will need a bio, links to social media, key clients if you have any yet. Education, and all your acomplishments. Testimonial, better for someone else to give you praise than yourself.

  3. I am still in the beginning stages of finding out what my brand is. I enjoying writing but I find it very hard to not put my opinion in some of my articles. While online is great just because everyone has a Twitter doesn’t mean I should to. I feel like you really need to know what you are and what you stand for as well as your company. I would have to loose my job because I posted a tweet for wrong information. So I guess when tweeting you should write it, read it and give it five minutes. Sometimes we post the first thing that comes to our heads without thinking about it and late regret it. The bad thing is that as soon as we post or tweet someone has already seen it and the damage is done.

  4. Personal branding is very important online because how others view you can affect your career. Having a good image is a view of yourself and you want others to view you In a positive way. So figuring who you are and what you represent is the first step to personal branding.

  5. I am beginning to understand the importance of personal branding. I feel like I have a long way to go to really establish my brand. I don’t want to rush into branding myself, and then send out a misrepresentation of myself. As I look back at my previous tweets, pins and updates, I can somewhat tell what my unconscious brand is,but I don’t think that is what I want it to be. I hope to use this class to figure out what I want personal brand to become.

  6. I have been operating my own photography business for about three years now and I have finally settled into my branding. It took me awhile to establish what I wanted to be known as. That includes creating the title of my company (Married to Texas photography) and what my logo would look like. At first I used Texas with a diamond ring around the top part. That just didn’t seem to work for me. I finally came up with a logo that I felt seamlessly fit into what I wanted my business to be seen as. My final logo was a white heart (for Married) then a white Texas (for Texas) and a white camera (for photography). Therefore, Married to Texas photography can also be known by those three symbols.

    I read something once that said, “If you don’t define your personal brand the market will!” That sounds scary! To think, you may be portrayed as something you are not just because you haven’t defined how you want to be thought of!

  7. Personal branding is very important especially online because you never know who may be attracted to your brand just by what you post or how you represent yourself. So before you start a personal brand of yourself i advise you to know what and how you want to be looked at.

  8. I’m 36 years old I am still not sure if I know what my brand is. I think I would like for it to be cranky, will take no crap, grumpy old man, but if I would like to have any sort of income I probably should refrain from that brand. I guess how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen are not always the same thing. One good thing about brands is that they can always get better.

  9. Im at the beginning stage of personal branding, but I know that you have to be careful when dealing with personal branding because you represent that and if you give off a negative look it will and can affect you and your brand try to go about things in a positive way all the time.

  10. I feel that branding is important because you should never make yourself look worse than you are in person. As a student athlete I know that image is everything and that you never want to be looked at in a negative sense. What you put on the internet can follow you for the rest of the life.

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