Social media terms and policies

When you set up an account in social media, you agree to terms and policies of use, but do you ever read them?

Most of us don’t. We just check the box that says we agree, and then go on our merry way, tweeting, liking, and pinning. But just what have you said you’d do or not do? Here are a few links to social media policies that you should review. Remember, you said yes, so if you break the policies, off with your account!


Looking for links to others in your comments.


9 thoughts on “Social media terms and policies

  1. When I set up all of my social media I use to never read the rules and regulations. It is sad to say that, but I basically just skip through it and go to the next step. Since I started going to this class I learned how important reading contracts really is. From this day on I will for sure read through all the things that I am signing. Most of the contracts say that they will have nothing to do if something goes terribly wrong online. This is why you should read it and make sure you know what are all the rights that you have.

  2. It is very important to read what you are signing up for and the rules of the social sites. I never read through when i sign up for social media sites and that is very bad. I deleted my twitter account a few months ago but i can still see some tweets i used to write when i google my twitter account name.Therefore you should always read the contracts it is very important in case something goes wrong. I know i will be more careful next time for sure.

    • I like how you aren’t afraid to say that you don’t read the terms and conditions. I rarley read them only on occasion. After reading the terms and conditions I will continue to read them.

  3. I never read the terms and conditions on Facebook or Twitter. The only time I have read the terms was when I created an Instagram. I noticed that it said they could basically use my pictures and make money on them. Ever since then I don’t post pictures that I feel are really good just for the fact that you never know what you can achieve with your photography. Now that I have an understanding of the terms and conditions I will be careful and also I can now tell my sister that she can’t have a business on Facebook. I am truly learning so much because I am not tech savvy.

  4. I noticed when reading the terms and conditions of Facebook that there is many rules that I was unaware of. I found some of the rules odd (why would anyone do something like that?!) and some of the rules very appropriate. There were many rules that were obvious, no inappropriate pictures or posts, no hate crimes, etc. But overall, I did learn a few things from reading the policies.

  5. I never read the terms when I sign up for something. It’s one of those things where you know you should but think you will be “safe” anyway. One time I did not read the terms of the Dish Network bill and suddenly I had $150 come out of my bank account. We cancelled our service (because we decided to go with someone else) and forgot to send our box back to the store. So they took that money directly from our bank account. We told them they had no right to do that… that we did not authorize that charge but LOW AND BEHOLD!! It was in the terms and conditions sections that we skipped over! This has made me wary to read other things more carefully… or to begin reading them at all! Especially when it comes to doing something on the web. We may be uploading photos of something we make then next thing you know Target is selling them. It may not seem fair but Pinterest MAY have that in the terms and conditions that they can use and sell your ideas. Is that actually in the T&Cs? Look it up and see!!

  6. When i set up a social media account i never read the terms and conditions because i am so anxious to see what it is about. i hear a lot of stuff that they may include in the terms and conditions but i ignore and move on.

  7. When I set up my twitter and Facebook account I tried to read the terms and conditions but after the first sentence I just stop reading because I just want to get the account set up and just worry about the terms and conditions later. But for some reason I read the terms and conditions when I set up my Instagram account and I found out that they can use your pictures that you post and make money off of them, I was surprised about that.

  8. Whenever I make an account on a social network, I honestly never read what I have agreed to. I know that I should but I really just don’t feel like reading all of that. I do know that I should read them because pretty soon it will be like we’re basically signing our lives away.

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